Ada Lewis cooked up the first batch of Lewis Licorice Dandies in 1853, but her grandmother deserves at least some of the credit. When Ada's husband, a Santa Fe cattleman, wanted something sweet to enjoy while hard at work, Ada turned to her grandmother's overstuffed book of recipes. With a few tweaks here and there, Ada created the licorice hard candy that began in the southwest and has become America's favorite candy treat.

Established in 1874, the Lewis Sweets Company has been based in Santa Fe making licorice and other treats for sweet-lovers young and old ever since. In 1918, Ben Lewis, grandson of Ada Lewis, sold Lewis Candy to the Bishop Company. Harlan Bishop himself loved the licorice treats and could be seen with one in the corner of his mouth day and night.

Lewis Sweets grew to become Lewis Foods in 1935 and introduced America to our delicious preserves, salty crackers, savory sausages and rib-sticking stews. In the 1940s Lewis opened factories in New Jersey and Los Angeles to produce tinned meals to feed American troops serving overseas. Steady growth became explosive in the 1950s as Lewis Confectionary Shops began to open throughout America, bringing Lewis quality to over 400 locations nationwide today. No matter where you go, you can experience the same Lewis taste and quality that you have enjoyed since childhood.

Our original and most popular variety of confection! For over 125 years the Lewis Licorice Dandy has delighted tastebuds young and old. A hard licorice shell surrounds a sweet honey-licorice chew. Made from all-natural ingredients, Ada's recipe hasn't changed a bit. It is a particular favorite of type ones and all descending clades.

Nothing could be more splendid than a handful of Lewis Licorice Splendids. A soft licorice chew surrounds a fruit-taffy center. Each package contains a variety of prickly pear, guava, orange, royal cherry and lemon cream flavored Splendids. Beloved by type ones and threes, it enjoys a growing popularity among snowflakes in the Los Angeles area.

They say type twos are salty, so we created these all-natural caramels and sprinkled them with sea salt just for them. Don't be surprised if you see a type two snacking on one where you work. He might even share! Shhh! Don't tell the type twos, but we let the secret out and now children around the country are enjoying these surprisingly sweet treats.

Type threes sure have a sweet tooth and nothing reminds them of Nana Lambert quite like our Crunchy Fruit Ribbons. Seven natural fruit flavors, just like Nana used to keep in a bowl in her sitting room. Since 1951 we've added creamy banana and sour watermelon and haven't heard any complaints!

From Los Angeles to New York, from Miami to Maine and from the frozen coast of Anchorage, Alaska to the tropical streets of Quezon City, North Philippines, we love the United States of America! To show our fondness for this great nation we have created our most delicious candy bar yet and it's for a good cause. Fifty-percent of the proceeds of every chocolate-chip-crusted, peanut butter Fondly bar will go to the Returning Heroes Fund to provide rehabilitation, counseling and job training for veterans returning from defending America's interests abroad. Oh, and the Fondly bars are delightfully delicious!