Lewis Foods is the world's leading provider of custom, turn-key food management solutions to institutional clients. We can oversee construction of dining and cooking facilities as well as the installation of equipment, staffing and menu preparations. With our parteners under the Bishop umbrella we can provide a full package of supply-chain satisfaction. Our client list includes the world's largest government and private concerns. No institutional food service need is too large or too small.

Our recent customers include the Bishop Spire (central cafeteria planning and outflow food services), US Military food services in the Mexico City DMZ, US Embassies (American Indochina, France, West Germany), United Nations headquarters in Copenhagen, and North American Corrections Solutions (Harry Supermax Truman, etc).

Lewis Foods has a reputation for rising to meet any challenge. Since 1980 we have worked closely to provide for the growing populations of type ones, twos and threes inside and outside of the South Los Angeles Military Cordon. Our points of service in San Pedro, Creeptown and at convenient Stop-N-Sup mini-bars provide the outflow contingent with a steady supply of hot, nutritious meals. No other company could manage this constantly scaling food service situation. We are proud that Lewis Foods can do it and more with a smile.

Does your business or government struggle to keep up with feeding its employees? Call Lewis Foods today at 505-225-2113.