Type-D Pandemic Pneumocystis and Hemorrhagic Staphylococcus swept through our nation without warning. These diseases revealed the faultlines of America's medical and social services infrastructure. American self-reliance in the face of catastrophe helped to see us through the troubles. With the further threat of spreading diseases and the quarantine of South Los Angeles, Lewis Foods has turned its attention to civil maintenance. Our patented freeze-drying process and one-hundred-percent original protein have created the nutritious and tasty SIWELCAL™ survival bar for the use of our troops. Now that same high-calorie, vitamin-fortified, shelf-stable meal bar is available direct from Lewis or at your nearest survival retailer.

SIWELCAL™ "Thousand Calorie" (986 calorie) bars are the perfect survival bar: high in protein and loaded with the vitamins you will need to stay alert and healthy. Available in Plain, "Chocolate" Dipped and Boost Bar, which includes Vitamin-C and Caffeine for an alertness boost. Two bars a day is all you will need to survive indefinitely.

If the worst comes to pass, don't rely on the government or the military, rely on yourself. Put together your survival kit with the right amount of supplies for you and your family. Ensure your food security with one carton of SIWELCAL™ bars per person per week. We suggest preparing for six-weeks. When those warning sirens sound you may wish you had more.

Lewis Foods guarantees all our products are 100% spore free. If you detect any contamination on an unopened package we will refund double your money back.